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Who to subscribe to at Onlyfans

Onlyfans don’t just make money with erotic photos. Among the content creators you can find a doctor, a boxer, a DJ, a comedian and reality TV star. Even rappers run their own pages: Bhad Bhabie nudes appeared on Onlyfans just days after the girl’s 18th birthday. The first six hours after signing up brought the girl her first million dollars. Since then, she’s made $25 million a month with candid photos and videos.

But not everyone is eager to share nudes. 

Dr. Benjamin Coughlin 

MD, FACS @onlyplasticsurgery

Dr. Benjamin Coughlin’s profile on OnlyFans is not for the faint of heart, the doctor takes off his skin (literally) to show what actually happens during cosmetic surgery. The plastic surgeon from Chicago is also a force for good, donating all the money he makes at Onlyfans to a domestic violence charity.

Hector Valdez Jr. 


Hector’s profile on OnlyFans shows the athlete all the hard work and training necessary to become a professional boxer.

Watch Hector sparring, jumping rope, and talking about his journey to his fights. Hector lives in the gym, and now you can, too, without stressing.

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