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10 iOS apps for work-life balance 

During the quarantine, many have become convinced that the ability to maintain harmony in work and life is now even more relevant than before — because at home it is much harder to draw the line between the workplace and the refrigerator, office tasks and the child’s homework, the annual report and your favorite cat. Some apps provide software as a service. Their SaaS marketing plan helped get them into this selection.

Vantage Calendar

If you’re keeping a to-do list, why shouldn’t it be stylish? With Vantage, the calendar will look more like the credits from Star Wars. The timeline looks like a line going off into the distance, and the day opens up like a 3D box when you tap it, filling the whole screen. You can attach geotags, colors, stickers, and comments to each day. And the app syncs with your standard Reminders and Calendar, so you won’t miss that important meeting with your boss.

Truecaller spam protection

According to Truecaller Insights’ annual report, there were 26 billion spam calls worldwide in 2019. That’s an 18% increase over last year. It’s a good idea to cut out telemarketing, annoying ads and phone scammers before you even answer the phone. When an unknown number calls you, the app checks it against a constantly updated database — immediately, even without access to the Internet. If it finds that other users have rated the number as undesirable, it alerts you. Or, if you prefer, it will simply block it, and the number won’t be able to reach you.

Habitty habit tracker

It’s not easy to instill healthy habits in yourself. According to the latest research on psychology, it takes three to six months. If you can’t seem to get up at the first alarm, do squats or eat your vegetables every day, the Habitty app can help you easily and effortlessly write down habits and goals to reach your long-term goals and track your progress.

Pillow sleep autotracker

A hard day’s work is over — the crib beckons, but you lie down and you can’t sleep. You can guess the reasons for this: all day multitasking, flickering monitors, incessant calls, unpleasant thoughts… the list is endless, isn’t it? Pillow analyzes sleep phases and sends you a report. To complete the picture, you can record the mood in which you woke up. That way you can calculate your sleep patterns even more accurately and make adjustments to your lifestyle.

Balance your water with the My Water app

The body is made up of 70% water, and it’s important to replenish your balance. This app will calculate your daily quota and remind you to drink a glass of water. Also, if you’re a control freak and like charts, the app will build a curve of your healthy habit.

Meditations with Insight Timer

To live in harmony with yourself and others, you need to get rid of stress and negativity! Nothing complicated in it, but its function performs 100%. The program contains authoring courses on motivation, harmony, self-study and the like. The timer keeps track of time, you choose the sound to which the meditation begins and ends, and you can also choose a background accompaniment. You can meditate, for example, to the singing of birds, the crackling of a fire or the sound of ocean waves.

Kubic Puzzles

Sometimes you want to «stretch your brain». Uncomplicated at first glance, the game actually makes you try hard to solve problems. It will also help you train your abstract thinking, because it constantly cheats on your vision. A great option to pass the time during a break in work.

Keeping track of expenses with CoinKeeper

Some friends of mine have complained that they’ve started making more impulse purchases in quarantine — seems to be substituting impressions for things. Keeping an eye on not going into overdraft helps with expense accounting apps. In CoinKeeper, income and spending can be broken down into categories: «Income,» «Expenses,» «Accounts» (money on a bank card or in a regular wallet), «Debts,» and «Goals.» CoinKeeper allows you to import transactions from mobile applications of 157 Russian banks.

SongSleuth bird shazam

Finally, an app that is unlikely to help you in your work (unless, of course, you professionally research the fauna of your region), but will broaden your horizons is SongSleuth, a real «shazam» for birds. It works like this: you record a few seconds of sound as soon as the bird sings. Then, based on the recording and your location, the program will come up with a few options as to who it might have been: an owl or an owl, a tit or a finch. In addition to the sounds, there are distribution maps, images and descriptions in the database. For example, I was surprised to learn that some birds clump into mixed flocks with other species.

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